Sunday, March 25, 2007

Wanted: Number one fan

Think you're the biggest fan of the Anytown Insert-Mascot-here Team? Do you live and breathe some kind of sport for some period of months every year, and feel depressed when the final game of the season is over? Well, just try to beat Mahadeb Sarkar. Or, please, don't. Sarkar, a 25-year-old Indian man, was so upset after his national cricket team lost that he hung himself. Sure, he was also upset about a fight he had with his wife, but the fight was about the game. His wife was also upset about the loss (of the game, not her husband, apparently), and attempted to hang herself but failed. Meanwhile, another Indian cricket fan had a heart attack after the defeat. Ah, the thin line between sport-as-entertaining-national-pastime and sport-as-Greek-tragedy. These deaths are incredibly strange and sad. On the bright side, looks like there is now an opening for biggest Indian cricket fanatic, if anyone is interested.

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